“When you start something, the best place to start is at the beginning”

December 15, 2015

“When you start something, the best place to start is at the beginning”

“When you start something, the best place to start is at the beginning”. I am not sure who coined this phrase, but it is priceless. In the beer brewing and Distilling business, the beginning is the water. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there is no such thing as pure clean water. Even harder to find is water that is delivered to your operation with consistent properties and quality.
If you are brewing with a Municipal Water Source, there will be additional chemicals added to keep the water low in bacteria as the water is stored before delivery. Some cities also add chemicals for health benefits. Well water is even more volatile with natural metals, salts, and ground water chemicals being introduced. When you are starting your brewing process you must prepare your water to give you the best end result. As they say in the data processing world, “Crap in produces crap out”. Craft Brew Water Systems provide you with “Neutral Water” or consistent variations of that measure depending on your requirements.
Craft Brew Water is dedicated to providing you with the tools necessary to treat your particular water to produce your ideal water make-up resulting in your end product being the best you can be. Distillers may want to start with “Non-Conductive water”. This is a very high standard, but one that can be produced with a Craft Brew Water system. With Restivity Measurement, we will provide you with a consistent edge.
Brewing and Distilling are processes. What goes in will affect the entire process. Monitoring and managing water during the “process” is almost as important as the beginning. When you use “Pure Water” in a process, that water is very corrosive. Neutral PH is at 7.0. Neutral PH is not acidic nor alkaline. You may need an Anti-Scaling function in your process to extend equipment life and reduce maintenance. A well placed Craft Brew Water system will provide you such benefits.
As we progress in our relationship, we will Blog about water filtration and purification using Craft Brew Water Systems to create consistent balanced water make-up for your entire brewing and distilling process. A Craft Brew Water Reverse Osmosis system will deliver exactly what you are looking for in your water composition. RO works on rejecting a percentage of TDS. For example if your water's TDS (total dissolved solids) is 400 Parts per million, the system would take that number down to 3 - 5 PPM. Craft Brew Water RO systems using Nano design, can provide a higher TDS number, saving you 25% of your required water usage.
Craft Brew Water RO Systems, not only change your TDS levels, but they will also help with your PH. Our RO Systems also incorporate pre-treatment options to customize your water needs. With our CPU monitoring systems, consistent performance and custom recipes will be much easier to achieve. Use of Catalytic Carbon Filters or DI Filters, designed into and placed in your brewing and distilling process, will help you to produce you best product. Soft Water Systems dramatically improve your cleaning processes. Ultra Violet Systems provide you with bacteria protection without chemical infusion.
The Blogs to follow, will address, in detail, the subjects discussed above. Remember this is just concerning water composition. Craft Brew Water has devoted many hours in designing and assembling “Water Filtration and Purification Systems” to provide you with low maintenance, ample capacity and controlled monitoring systems. No Craft Water Brewing System will be designed until after a review of your water analysis. Then we design based on size of CFM, GPM, BBL, and GPD. Water waste is always a primary concern to our system design. Finally, we provide the best quality components in our systems that we can find.

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