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Ardley Brown Ale
As a lover of Brown Ale, this one looks tasty!
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No Quarter Smoked Porter
Nathan Zorich’s No Quarter Smoked Porter recipe isn’t for the faint hearted. At a tantalizing 100+ IBUs, this beer will test your taste buds – and you’re spirit – but don’t let that deter you.
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Walkin’ with the Man Strong Belgian Ale
Pete Devaris of the Great Northern Brewers of Anchorage, Alaska, took home bronze in the Strong Belgian Ale category
at the 2003 National Homebrew Competition with his “Walkin’ with the Man” recipe
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South Cyde Brown Ale Recipe
In 2012, Maryland Ale & Lager Technicians (MALT) member Joe Schork earned the Best of Show at the MALT Turkey Shoot for his southern English brown ale.
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Valymber Strong Bitter
Jeff Neggemeyer of Longmont, Colo., took home a gold medal during the 2002 National Homebrew Competition in the Bitter and English Pale Ale category with this extra special bitter recipe.
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My Smoked Dark Heart Lager
Perfect for a dark and stormy night, Drew Beechum’s “My Smoked Dark Heart” is a smoked black lager with soft roasted notes and a malt body resting somewhere between Pilsner crisp and Bock maltiness.
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Zane’s NZ Pale Ale
Zane Smith of New Zealand earned recognition in the homebrewing world for this award winning New Zealand-hopped pale ale.
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ZAITH Weizen
Those who have sampled the wonders of German brewing often come away with a love for the malty, spicy flavor of an authentic Bavarian wheat beer, known as a weizen. This basic recipe allows you to produce that
flavor right in your own homebrewery! Being an extract-only recipe, this weizen is the perfect beer to brew for those testing the waters of homebrewing.
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Embracing Sunset Lager
Looking to find a drinkable, flavorful beer for warmer days, but also wanting to remain coherent and fresh for evening activities, So AHA Founder Charlie Papazian created “Embracing Sunset Lager,” a wonderfully balanced and relatively low alcohol lager that wields lightly toasted malt flavors with subtle hop character .This brew has a ABV: 3.8%  .
This recipe was originally featured in 2002 March/April Zymurgy.
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