Craft Brew 500 GPD 110v Cat Float Switch Reverse Osmosis Brewing System

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The Craft Brew 500 GPD 110v float switch controlled brewing system comes complete and loaded with options. The combination blending valve and PS–150 TDS meter gives you complete control of your water quality. Pre-filtration includes a 4.5 x 10" sediment filter and a 4.5 x 10" Cat Carbon filter to remove chloramines from your brewing water. Its final stage ultraviolet sanitization for a bacteria free Brewing Water. The unit comes pre-plumbed and wired for anti-scalant system. The 500 also includes recycle valve and flow meter for ultimate efficiency and water usage. A float for your atmospheric tank is included with the system. If you have any questions about this system and if it's the right one for you please call us at




Upgrades at No Additional Charge:

HM Digital PS-150 Digital TDS Controller
Waste recycle valve and flow meter
Craft Brew Water TDS Blending Valve
4.5 x 10" Cat Carbon Filtration
4.5 x 10" Sediment Filtration
Stainless Steel Membrane Housings
Polaris 2GPM Ultraviolet Sanitization
Wired for Float Switch (Float Switch included)
Plumbed and Wired for Anti-Scalant System
High Performance HF4 Membranes
4.5 x 10" sediment filter
4.5 x 10" Catalytic carbon block filter  

Size: L14 x W20 x H27 (36 x 51 x 69)

Optional Anti-Scalant System - is available for Hard Water conditions. The unit is pre-wired and pre-plumbed for easy install on the unit.