1" x 1 cubic foot GAC Carbon System

Our 1" x 1 cubic foot GAC Carbon filter with Automatic Digital valve. System is designed to remove Chlorine, Pesticides and other chemicals that may be present in your brewing water. Great pretreatment for a small reverse osmosis system. Our automatic valve is fully programmable and Proudly Built in the U.S.A. All the media we use is certified and carries the NSF Seal.

Each System includes the following:

Bypass Valve 

2) 1" x 24" x John Guest Stainless Steel Flex Lines. 
Easy Installation 24" in Lenght  One ties into Valve other end installs over 1" Pex or Copper. 


110v with 24v Voltage Transformer

Tank Size 9" x 48" Total Height with Valve 57"

Recommended Flow rate 3 - 5GPM

For Manuals, Start-up Guide and Parts CLICK HERE