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At Craft Brew Water we sell high quality water filtration equipment for Breweries or Distilleries and back it up with 1st class service. We customize each water filtration system exclusively for your unique water needs.

Our Nano and Reverse Osmosis units come equipped with a blending valve designed to control the mineral content specifically for you. A TDS meter to monitor your product water at a glance. Ultraviolet sanitation for a bacteria free environment.

Our Cat Carbon Filtration system will remove a host of issues including chloramines which most city's are using to disinfect their water supply. A Pre-treating Antiscalant systems is also recommended to protect your RO and membranes.

We are a family run business determined to offer the highest quality customer service and equipment for your brewing and distilling needs. If you have questions, please feel free to call us anytime at 805-777-7037.

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