PreTreat Plus 0100 Reverse Osmosis Anti-Scalant 5 Gallon

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PreTreat Plus 0100 Antiscalant Membrane Chemicals are a highly effective chemical pretreatment specially formulated for feedwater with high levels of metal hydroxides, silica and scale-forming minerals. They are effective over a wide range of concentrations of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium fluoride, iron hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. Use of PreTreat Plus 0100 Antiscalant is recommended for reducing operating and capital costs of typical reverse osmosis systems.


  •  Effective in retarding polymerization and precipitation of silica
  •  Effectively controls inorganic scales over a large concentration range.
  •  Compatible with major manufacturer's RO, NF, and OF membranes.
  •  Does not flocculate dissolved iron/aluminum oxide/silica complexes.
  •  Effective in controlling calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scales.
  •  Effective in feedwaters with pH range 5.0 — 10.0
  •  Effective for controlling aluminum, iron and heavy metal salts.

Dosing Recommendations

PreTreat Plus 0100 Anti-Scalant should be injected into the feedstream prior to the static mixer. Effective pH range is 5 — 10. If frozen, may be thawed and mixed before use. Stability is excellent, but best used within 12 months.


Antiscalant is shipped as a concentrated solution.  This concentrated solution must be mixed with clean RO water to the proper level for each system specifically.  A water analysis and RO system flow rates must be used to figure the site specific mixture and dose rate.  Please call 1-805-777-7037 or send your water analysis and flow rate info to to give you the right  dosage and mixture.  Over or Under concentrated solutions could damage your RO membranes. 

PreTreat Plus 0100 Information Sheet

PreTreat Pus MSDS