CB 15 Gallon 110v Anti-Scalant System with 5 Gallons of Pre-Treat 0100

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Stenner 1.5 GPD 15 Gallon Reverse Osmosis Anti-Scalant Injection System 

This System Ships Free
Restrictions Apply

CB 15 Parts, Manual and Solution

Systems Includes:

  •  Shipped pre-assembled for easy installation
  • 110v 
  • All installation hardware 
  •  Includes rain roof
  •  Vertically mounted for solution containment (if chemical leaks, it runs right back into tank)
  •  Locking  lid
  •  Polyethylene construction is lightweight and rugged
  •  Stainless Steel Screws
  •  Includes 5-Gallons of PreTreat Plus 0100 Anti-Scalant ( Anti-Scalant Recommendation after viewing your Water Report)

Anti- Scalant Meets and is Certified BY NSF 61 


Anti-scalant is shipped as a concentrated solution.  This concentrated solution must be mixed with clean RO or Distilled water to the proper level for each system specifically.  A water analysis and RO system flow rates must be used to figure your system specific mixture and dose rate.  You must call 805-777-7037 and  send your water analysis and flow rate info to kim@craftbrewwater.com to receive your the specific dosage and mixture.  Over or Under concentrated solutions could damage your RO membranes.